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How to take care Poinsettia Tips


In a bright place with good ventilation, away from direct sunlight. Turn off light at night to maintain colour of the leaves.


Keep the soil consistently moist


When the surface of the soil starts to dry up, it can be checked every 2 days or so.


Keep temperatures between 16-32°C

Change on delivery service for Klang Valley & Kuala Lumpur

Using own transport to serve you is an ideal way so your order can be delivered to your doorstep in a shortest time because we have better control on timing. For some reasons traffic on the road are even worst as compared to before pandemic. Changed of delivery timing was our first attempt, after few months of trying, we decided to remove own transport delivery as it has been defect the purpose that we want the fresh products deliver to you in a shortest time. 


It’s time to move on now for a better option. When you check out please select Express Delivery to Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur, this service is leveraging on third partners’ facility, which still able to reach you place within 24 hours once we handover to them. For sensitive items, we are not longer offering to non-wholesale market. 

New way of operation: CVF Own Transport to Express DeliveryIf you have questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to chat with us.

Update on fresh vegetables operation

Quality fresh vegetables to be delivered to your doorstep required very careful handling from seeding to the moment we handover to you. Now that everyone is back to normal life, the way we operating the past unfortunately need to become a history from now on.

Fresh Blind Box is new way that we are doing where it will be consist of the best harvest of the quality vegetables from production in Cameron Highlands. All products in the box will be only harvest from the day we are arranging to ship by our new partner that can do delivery to your doorstep within 24 hours. Note that leafy vegetables or product that are too sensitive will NOT be include in the box.

When you miss our quality fresh vegetables, Fresh Blind Box is something for you. If you need more information, please feel free to in touch with us.

Updated: 13 June 2022

How to take care of Netherlands Anthurium?

 Anthurium is a wonderful flowering houseplant imported from the Netherlands in a seedling stage and continues its growth at Creek Valley Farm into its current size about 9 months old.

Placement: Indoor

Light: Bright and indirect light

Water: Water your anthurium thoroughly, but allow it to dry slightly between waterings. Do not over-water the anthuriums as it may cause root damage and yellowing of the leaves.

Temperature: 16-32°C

Humidity: High humidity.

Fertiliser: Balanced houseplant fertiliser

Updated on 29 Nov, 2021.

How to take care of Christmas Tree?

 There are many type of Christmas Tree in the world. Cupressus Gold Crest is one of them and can be produce in Malaysia. 

Why not just get rid of plastic tree, get a live Christmas Tree to make this festive season special!

Placement/ Light: Sunny spot with good ventilation. 

Water: Water the cupressus well and do not allow it to completely dry out, it can be checked every 2 days or so.

Temperature & Humidity: Keep temperatures between 16-32°C

Nutrients: Liquid fertiliser will be good, apply once a week.

 Updated on 29 Nov, 2021.

How to take care of Poinsettia?

 Hohoho~ Christmas is around the corner! This year we’ve got more than 4 different colours produce by our farm. Wish to collect all colours from us but ensure how to take care, read below for some tips:-

Placement: In a bright place with good ventilation, away from direct sunlight. If you wish to have blooming colour longer, please keep them away from light from 5pm-8am. 

Soil: Keep the soil consistently moist.

Watering: When the surface of the soil starts to dry up, it can be checked every 2 days or so. 

Temperature & Humidity: Keep temperatures between 16-32°C

Nutrients: Liquid fertiliser will be good, apply once a week.

 Updated on 29 Nov, 2021.

“I want my Poinsettia to turn red for Christmas!”

Thanks to yourself for being curious enough to click into this sharing~ You are at the right place to have a beautiful Poinsettia for this coming Christmas ❤️.

Believe you might have heard of someone telling you keeping them in an air conditioned room doesn’t trigger poinsettia to turn red, it is not true. Creek Valley Farm has been into Poinsettia for more than a decade and is known as one of the top Poinsettia growers in South East Asia. Poinsettia is also one of our signature products. 

Have you noticed recently that the sunrise gradually gets earlier, while sunset gradually gets later? Someone who is living in a 4 season country may feel it more. Our Poinsettia production strictly follows this rule to control the timing of Poinsettia blooming. Thanks to the natural phenomenon every year, “the sunrise gradually gets earlier, while sunset gradually gets later”. 

We are not in a 4 season country but still manage to produce quality Poinsettia, with “secret recipe” which is the golden rule of thumb – Short Day Long Night.  Once the Poinsettia is mature enough with the desire size, the whole of Poinsettia production will be covering with production use dark net everyday at 6pm, extending Long Night. Gradually it will be turning red.

Hard to understand? Just remember, Poinsettia is very shy, only spends time in the dark most of the time to turn red. 

The picture above was taken in our production yesterday 4 Nov, estimated another 2 weeks, it will be fully into red. Happy Gardening! 


When is the best time to get a pot of Poinsettia?

Once available, please get them whenever you spot them because a good quality one always goes first. Wait until a few days before Christmas, it’s gonna be too late to get a good one. 

You have the option, pre-order from Creek Valley Farm and only deliver a few days before Christmas. Stay tuned on our social media. We will be announcing once ready. 

Worry cannot last till Christmas. 

Follow the golden rule of thumb, and fulfill the basic requirements of Poinsettia. Order from Creek Valley Farm, chat with our customer service if you have questions along the way. 

Can Poinsettia survive in low land? 

Low land from average temperature max 32°C / min 23°C is possible, because our production site average max 32°C / min 16°C, which our product can tolerate better temperature change. 

Bertam Valley is located in the lowest part of Cameron Highlands, which very friendly to potted plants production. 

When will Creek Valley Farm Poinsettia be ready to sell? 

Most are going to the Singapore market, but don’t worry we keep some for you. Please allow us to quality check each and total up how many we can offer for you. By mid or end of Nov, we will be able to tell. 

If I pre-order now, and deliver later. Possible? 

Yes, possible and we will be open for pre-order next 2 weeks. Our last trip before Christmas is 23 Dec 2021. 

More questions, please reach out to our customer service. 

Updated on 5 Nov, 2021.

Round 2: 6 Winners

Counting, do you still remember when was your first learn about counting? The idea of round 2, just to make the players enjoy the counting process, everything back to basic like how we used to do that when we was a kids. 

Initial plan were have top 5 winners only, but we’ve got double same answer and at the same timing. So, yes we’ve got top 6 instead. 

Congratulations and see you at final game!

Updated on 2 Nov, 2021.

Round 1: 15 Winners

Thank you for 49 customers that has been initial the invitation and triggered 95 pt in total for Round 1.


From now on, these 15 winners will be identify as #001 to #015. The points given was according to formulate as below: 

A + B = Total Points (pt)

A: Total shapes selected by invited players per trip – (Mission completed / Total shapes selected by invited players per trip)

B: Shape each players choose 

(Circle = 2 pt; Triangle = 3 pt; Square = 4 pt)


Round 2 is now happening on our IG page, stay tuned for Round 2 Leaderboard 😉 Again, congratulations to 15 Winners are entering next game! 

Tips: Non-players, you may also engage with us, there will be surprise giving out too. 

Updated on 1 Nov, 2021.



Squid Game Season: I'm on trend okay!

The shapes in the picture above are everywhere. Start on 8 Oct 2021, there are even on our eShop! Leverage on Squid Game trend recently, our teammate spent her weekend with the series and trying to make selling and buying interesting. 


Yes, it is a Korean series on Netflix. Chill, you don’t need to. Life is complicated, if you feel like you wanna have some fun. Just add any shape you like into the cart. There is no charge and you won’t lose anything by doing so. Well, if you have time, no harm to do that. Surely you will get something and most important, at least YOU ARE ON TREND. So when someone is talking about Squid Game, at least you have something to share too. 


We are opening for anyone who is volunteering to add a shape or more into the cart. Yes, you are allowed to add as many as you want. An invitation card will be tagged along with orders that are going to be delivered from the date of 11 Oct to 28 Oct only. Since it is almost towards the end of Round 1, some more we feel like rewarding you for reading our feeds. 


Here you go, those who received or are going to receive an invitation card, a mission for Round 1 is written on the card too. To be qualified for Round 2, players must complete the mission given before the deadline given on the card. Those who failed to do that will be eliminated from the game.



Tips: Keep the card safely, you will need it later. 



What and when is Round 2? 

Will be announced by 1 Nov. 


How many Rounds of game in total? 

The player’s response will decide. We targeted to have 6 rounds, just like how the series did. But, surely not the same game, because we are Malaysian. So, let’s see how many rounds players wish to go with. 


How many players in total? 

As of today (updated on 21 Oct), 36 of them added their prefer shapes to the cart and 9 of them qualified to go for Round 2.


Can I join Round 2 straight? 

Nope, you can’t. Only by invitation. Keen? Join now, we have 25 Oct and 28 Oct, final 2 trips.


What do I get if I join? 

Well, join now you won’t lose anything. Don’t join is your loss for sure. Late better than never, you have 2 more dates to go.



Stay tuned for more, updated on 21 Oct 2021 (Thu)


House plants guide 101: How to differentiate lighting requirement

A beautiful interior with green babies make the space more lively. Yes, it is  very easy to just shop, but when sustainability, you might be wondering.. 

 Hence, it is very important that you must understand the light conditions that your place can offer to keep these green babies pretty as expected, before you decide which to get exactly. 


There are 3 types of light in natural you need to know:-


  1. Bright Light 

Direct/Intense sunlight


  1. Medium Light 

Partial, Filtered or Indirect sunlight, which is also human friendly natural light. 


  1. Low Light 

Minimal natural light or no sunlight at all 


As above example, this is how to identify bright, medium and low light in a house. 

If your place is having medium light conditions, well congrats you are at the right place because most of the house plants produced by Creek Valley Farm prefer medium light conditions.

Extra bonus for you for reading this, for medium light requires house plants. if you can’t tolerate bright light or low light without any artificial assistance, don’t expect them to be able to. 

We wish you get the right house plant soon that fits your garden condition real soon – shop smart, save time and save your pocket too~ happy gardening! 

Updated on 20 Oct, 2021 (Wed)

Last Batch of Signature Delica Pumpkins

It is not last batch of Signature Delica Pumpkins for this year, we referring to permanently stop production. 

These awesome squash are precious because one plant only produce one pumpkin or maximum two. The size and the weight of the pumpkins are controlled, each size is about a man average palm’s size; whereas the weight is about 300g-599g. 

One plant One pumpkin approach will be going into history of Creek Valley Farm, consider higher rental on agriculture lands incur starting real soon. It wasn’t an easy decision, because we’re also enjoying cultivate these unique and awesome squash too.

1-2 week(s) later, there will be one last final harvest. Remember to order one or never… 

Updated on 18 Oct, 2021 (Mon)





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