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Osmocote Fertiliser

Osmocote is a controlled-release fertilizer, that the release of nutrients is much more predictable and precise when feeding. It also reduces the risk of fertilizer burn on sensitive plants.



Osmocote Fertiliser

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Type 1: Osmocote Exact Mini, 50g

Can be applied in the growing medium or simply by topdressing after the roots have developed. It is primarily applied to combine the rooting stage with the repotting period. 

  • The reliability of Osmocote Exact, but a finer granule ideal for application in pots with small volumes.
  • Uniform plant growth as a result of excellent distribution of the granules.
  • 100% coated & 100% safe for plants.
  • Every granule contains all nutrients.
  • Easy and accurate dosage.
  • Separate nutrition and irrigation and therefore both optimized!
  • Easy application through mixing or topdressing.

Type 2: Osmocote Exact High K, 150g

Very suitable for pot plants requiring high potassium feeding such as cyclamen, violets or primulas, and when using with nitrogen-rich irrigation water.

  • Safety: highest possible safety, controlled release and high level of all essential trace elements. Color-coded for longevity to avoid mistakes.
  • Consistency: very consistent product, every bag of product gives identical results, excellent quality control exceeding all industry standards.
  • Patterned release: available in various release patterns exactly tailored to crop requirements, to provide optimal plant growth. Very efficient and therefore environmentally friendly.


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Exact Mini, Exact High K

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