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[Live Plant] Alocasia Silver Dragon

If you are an Alocasia collector, Alocasia Silver Dragon is one of them you must collect. It is unique with interesting-looking leaves, silver green leaves and dark green veins, creating a texture likened to dragon scales.

Product ID: Alocasia Silver Dragon
Pot size: 12cm diameter


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[Live Plant] Alocasia Silver Dragon

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How to take care:
Placement: Medium Light
Soil: Keep the soil consistently moist.
Watering: Use your fingers to insert 2 cm into the soil. If it is still wet, there is no need to water it. It can be checked every 2 days or so.
Humidity: Because they are tropical rainforest plants, they need high humidity. Spray mist frequently, especially during hot days.
Nutrients: Liquid fertiliser will be good, apply once a week.
Friendliness: Toxin to kids or pet


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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 30 cm
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