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[Live Indoor Plant] Random Pick Coleus Pokok Ati-Ati 彩叶

Coleus is native to Malaysia, very easy to grow and maintain with our weather condition

There are 7 types of Coleus produces by Creek Valley Farm seasonally. We are offering random pick from whatever available only.

Pot Size: 4.7” (12cm +-) diameter


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[Live Indoor Plant] Random Pick Coleus Pokok Ati-Ati 彩叶

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How to take care

Placement: Indoor, South facing window Must be shade or partial shade.

Light: Must be indirect sunlight Look washed out and dull when overexposure to sunlight Too dark, will start losing leaves.

Soil: Well drainage soil Neutral to acidic, specifically with a pH level between 6 and 7.

Water: Water only when the top inch of the soil is dry to touch. Keep it constantly moist. Recommended to use auto watering tools.

Temperature: Room temperature in Malaysia is ideal

Humidity: Household humidity

Fertiliser: Pellet fertiliser in the soil Give liquid fertiliser every week on leaves and soil

Friendliness: Not pet and kid friendly.




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