About Us

“YOU want to get the best & WE want to serve the best”

You want to get the most nutrient-dense vegetables and healthiest houseplants with your hard earn money. 

We are highland agriculture producer,  specialise in chrysanthemum, pot plant and vegetables production. We are here on digital channels as well because we enjoy serving you with quality products. 

Let’s work hand in hand to boost quality of life! 

Creek Valley Farm origin “Creek”, refer to brook or small stream, stand for long lasting; “Valley”, because we can located in a valley, wishing to provide sustainable products and services to the market. 

We are one of the few products begin our venture into digital sphere since 10 April 2020.

Our Goals

Sustainable & Environment Friendly 

Transforms from traditional agriculture to sustainable and environment friendly farming method. 


Good Product Quality

Deliver the best and quality product with farm to table concept not limited to wholesale market. 


Farm to Digital

Leverage on digital channels to connect with consumers.


Cameron Highlands a beautiful that our founder begin his venture into farming. 

More than 100 years ago, the ancestors were traveling from South China, landed in a small village located north of West Malaysia.

Only during 1950-1960s, due to economic situation has been threatening the family of nine, once again the elder son of the family decided to leave home for new opportunity, and finally he has found a job as a machinery driver in a highlands – Cameron Highlands. 

In late 1970s, venture into farming with a small land and expanded to flower plantations 1990s. In the past few decades, all the harvested crops relied on business to business approach, which are having mature and stable distribution model.